【4 Foundations for Men and Male Character Cosplay】Perfect for Male Character Cosplay Makeup!

In this article, we have carefully selected 4 matte foundations that will work the best for male character cosplay makeup.
For male characters, it is recommended to choose a matte foundation.
Of course, you can use matte foundations for female characters also, and it actually depends on the character you are cosplaying, but clearness and shininess can give a feminie impression. That is why matte foundations are recommended for male character cosplay makeup.
Some of you may think it is hard to use matte foundations, but I am going to share some tips on how to create clean matte skin! Please read them through and use them when you try!

4 Matte Foundations for Male Character Cosplay

Kate Secret Skin Maker Zero which is easy to use for even beginners

If you are not a fan of matte foundations, start trying with Secret Skin Maker Zero from Kate.
Though it is a liquid foundation, the texture is easy to spread and apply.
It has full coverage that hides pores and eczema, and it is not too mat which can be easy for beginners to use.
There are 6 different colors, and it is about 1,600 yen each!

REVLON COLORSTAY MAKEUP that works the best for long shooting sessions and events

REVLON COLORSTAY MAKEUP is a foundation that has full coverage and doesn’t get smudged easily!
As its slogan says, “a foundation which will not come off for 24 hours,” it has excellent coverage without even using a concealer.
However, having excellent coverage may cause makeup to look heavy or increase the possibility of smudged makeup.
It will be a big problem if you are the person who uses photo editing apps. But if you are not, then apply a thin layer on your skin little by little.

There are 6 different colors, and it is about 2,000 yen each. Such a good deal!

Hayachin-san also uses it regularly! @cosme Best Seller Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup

Hayachin-san introduced her favorite foundation,Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup from Estee Lauder in the interview of Hayachin- cosplay as a reason for living.

It is a liquid foundation that provides excellent coverage. Even if you get sweaty without applying a concealer, it will not get smudged easily.
It is 6,000 yen each, but it is for sure great quality.
There are a total of 10 colors that you can choose from, but parallel imports are also available online, which will allow you to choose from even more different colors.

Etude House where provides a wide variety of colors Double Lasting Foundation

Etude House, a Korean cosmetic brand, is also popular with cosplayers.
They have a total of 12 different colors of liquid foundations.
Since there are 12 colors, it is easy to find the skin color of a character you want to cosplay without mixing them.
It is also easy to spread but hard to get smudged.
The product itself is similar to the foundation from Estee Lauder we mentioned earlier, but the price is 2,000 yen which is a great deal!
A cosplayer,Keekihime-san also introduced this product for female character cosplay in our column, [First Volume] Lapland from Arknights Makeup by an Australian Cosplayer Keekihime.

How to: Perfect Matte Skin

How to: Prevent Dry Skin

The biggest negative factor of matte foundations is dryness, isn’t it?
Four foundations we recommend today are less likely to cause dehydrated skin, but moisturizing skin is still very important.
Make sure to moisturize your skin before putting makeup on to prevent smudged makeup and makeup fallout.
After washing your skin, put on a face mask or a tissue paper face mask (make holes on a tissue paper and soak it with toner).
Daily skin care routine like face lotion will be enough. Don’t skip moisturizing!

How to: Apply Matte Foundation

In order to apply matte liquid foundation perfectly, what you need is a makeup brush or sponge.
We recommend a makeup brush from SHISEIDO which was introduced by Sere Hoshimiya in our column [THE IDOLM@STER- Kaede Tkagaki] Half Face Makeup Tutorial.

This brush allows you to apply foundation evenly, and you can also perfectly finish detailed parts of your face such as around your nose.
Many professional makeup artists use this brush, and it has a great reputation.
Also, it feels good when using it, so you will not be able to let it go once you use it.
The price for the brush is 1,980 yen, and you may think it is not cheap. But, you can use it not only for liquid foundation, but also for powder and cream foundation. It will not be a waste as you can use it for a long time!

If it is a bit pricey, try using a makeup sponge.
In this case, gently tap it on your skin to blend it in.
You can spread foundation more evenly with a sponge than applying it by hand which will prevent smudged makeup.

To create a natural look and contour a face well, make sure to spread foundation from the center of your face outward.
You can cover up minor flaws with a concealer later on. So,start with applying a thin layer of foundation little by little to avoid makeup cake face.
Use a concealer to adjust if necessary and apply powder with a large brush.
Then go on to shading and eye makeup.
By the way, if you apply powder from the bottom to the top, it will cover pores well and give you more clean skin!


Some of you might hesitate to use matte foundation, but it can create a more perfect look compared to other types of foundations.
It is suitable for male characters' cosplay makeup.
If you use a makeup brush to apply, your makeup will stay much longer than other types of foundations.
Find a foundation that matches you and a character you would like to cosplay.
Once you get to know tips on how to apply it, there are a lot of good points!
So we hope you try matte foundation!