Male Cosplayer’s Makeup Tutorials: How to Cover Beard/Mustache and Tips for Crossdressing

Today you can see more male cosplayers in events or on social networking services than ever before.
However, many men do not apply a makeup on a daily basis, and there could be some cases that a makeup article for women is not suitable for men’s makeup.
Today, I would like to introduce some useful tips for men’s cosplay makeup point by point.

Base Makeup as The Prime Point for Male Cosplayers

You may come up with drawing eyebrows or eyeliners when you hear the word “makeup,” but the prime point in makeup is base makeup.
Without it enough, eye makeup afterward cannot be applied well.
Moreover, smoothing the skin makes more two-dimensional-like texture.

Skin care should be the first important step for making base makeup flawless.
For newbies, skin toner, available at any drugstores, and NIVEA crème will be enough!
Wash your face with cleansing form first, apply skin toner, and then NIVEA.
This would hydrate your skin enough and help foundation provide full coverage.

Foundation Must Be Stick Typed and for Theatrical Makeup!

Recommended Stick Foundation for Male Cosplayers

For men who do not do makeup every day, it would first start from getting cosmetic products, and I would highly recommend getting theatrical ones for cosplay makeup.
Their covering and colors are exceptionally good and can make two-dimensional-like texture, even if it looks flattened.
The recommended brands for me are Mitsuyoshi or Chacott.

Since men have beard/mustache, their facial pores can be more visible than the ones of women.
Stick foundations can perfectly cover them!
Roll up and apply it onto skin roughly and then spread it with a sponge.
It would make it look good by applying like pushing it in pores, unlike stretching the skin.
It can be thick but finishes up with two-dimensional textured and silky-smooth skin!

Recommendation to Male Cross-Dressing Cosplayers! Shading Techniques with Blush

Recommended Blush for Shading for Male Cosplayers

“Contouring” is very useful for cosplay makeup, which is basically to create shades by applying brown powder or concealer.
However, when men do this with brown one, it would strongly enhance the shape of their muscular face.

Although it is okay to apply a brown shade exceptionally for cosplaying as masculine characters, when men do this in order to make their face look smaller for cosplaying as a fragile-looking pretty boy or even a girl, it would make them look rough-hewn which is not an ideal shape for them.
In this time, apply a pink or orange colored blush.
This would create good shades and make a face with a good complexion as well as a soft impression.

Blush can be used not only for shading but also for erasing the beard/mustache, by applying on the jawline.
For those whose dark stubble is visible, I would highly recommend this!


So how do you think about makeup techniques for male cosplayers?
We have seen the tips of base makeup particularly for men, such as how to cover men’s facial pores, the masculine shape of their face, and their beard/mustache.
I hope men can enjoy makeup and have their amazing cosplayer’ lives!


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