Types of Incision lines and Tips of How to Draw Them. Let’s Try Different Methods and Makeup Products Depending on the Character!!

Eyeliner is an essential part of cosplay makeup to get close to 2-D characters.
In order to get close to unique 2-D characters, you can’t just draw eyeliner like you normally would.
Among all the eyeliner techniques for cosplay makeup, I am sure there are many cosplayers who can’t draw the incision line well or have trouble with drawing it.
In this article, I will teach you the different types of incision lines and tips on how to draw them.

The tip of drawing an incision line is to look downward and draw little by little!

The tip of drawing an incision line①- Look downward!

You may have experienced that it was going well when drawing an incision line, but when you looked in the mirror, you felt that something was not right.
This is because you look upward when you draw an incision line.
Sometimes when you look up, your eyelids open wider and eyeliner gets on the inside of your eyelids.
Look straight or downward , hand dry once after you draw a line, and make sure to check it.

The tip of drawing an incision line②- Draw a line little by little!

We can use this tip for drawing regular eyeliner.
If you draw a line all at once, it might get too long or too thick and you will not be able to fix it easily.
Draw a line little by little like you are connecting the dots and make sure to look at the balance.

I want to represent my favorite character…! How to draw a natural incision line

Next, we will explain how to actually draw an incision line.
The first method is for when you want to have natural and realistic eyes, such as characters from slice of life comics like school life comics.

Explanation of how to draw an incision line①

Draw a line based on the blue line drawn in the picture above!
You may think, “That is it?” but even this line can make a big difference in impression.
Draw a line along the inner corner of your eye.
When you do this, the line should be about a millimeter thick.
It is actually very difficult to draw the thin line, so it takes getting used to.
If the line is too thick, it will not be natural for daily makeup.
In cosplay makeup, it will not be a big deal even if you draw a little thicker, but keep in mind to adjust thickness little by little.

For a natural finish, it is better to also draw other eyeliner parts as close and thin as possible.
In order to draw a super-thin line, it is important to choose the one that is easy for you to draw.

Our recommendation is Smooth Liquid Eyeliner from Heroine Make!

This is the easiest eyeliner I have ever used to draw a super-thin line.
You can purchase it at pharmacies which is very nice♪

I want to become like a 2-D illustration! How to draw an incision line to create distinctively sharp eyes

Next, we will touch on how to draw an incision line for sharp eyes like a 2-D illustration.
Let’s use Takarazuka makeup as a reference!

Explanation of how to draw an incision line②

According to the red line drawn in the picture above, draw a line like you are drawing a triangle from the inner corner of your eye.

You can change the angle and length based on your facial features or depending on a character you would like to cosplay.
If you are going to cosplay in full makeup, you can extend the length as long as you want!
Just got for it!!!
By the way, if you have deep epicanthal folds (folds at the top of the eyes), add lines appropriately to fill in the folds at the light blue line shown in the picture above. This will create a good balance.
If you use this method, make sure to draw thicker and stronger eyeliner on the other parts of the face like 2-D illustration.
It will be better if you draw eyeliner connecting from the incision line!

Also, you better use an eyeliner that will build up a bright color.
Our recommendation is the Rubotan Line.

This is an eyeliner for the stage that is also used by Takarazuka performers.
It has three different colors: black, brown, and navy. I think black will work well basically.
The color is very shiny and you can draw a clear line, making it possible to create eyes like a 2-D character.
You might get confused at the beginning because it comes in the shape of a manicure and you are supposed to draw with a brush.
However, I tried using it and it was actually easy for me to get used to it!
Compared to a general liquid eyeliner which comes with a thin brush, you can draw a thick and strong line all at once,
Also, since the Rubotan Line is for stage use, it specializes in removing makeup quickly.
Once it gets dried out, it turns out into a form like a plastic film so you can easily peel them off with your fingers. You can quickly remove heavy eye makeup in a changing room at an event.
This is not sold at a pharmacy usually, so you need to check a stage makeup store or an online shopping website to purchase.


How was it?
You need to go through a lot of trials and errors in order to get used to adjusting the position, length, and thickness in creating incision lines.
Keep on experimenting until you find the best ways of drawing incision lines that fit your face perfectly.
It is also essential to study cosplay makeup to get even closer to the face of a character you want to be.
The most important thing is to look at a character’s picture carefully and imitate them.
Good luck finding your best incision lines!


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