【For Male Cosplayers Who Are Not Good At Make-Up】Natural Make-Up for Men

Male characters can get even closer to their cosplay character and look more like them in pictures if they wear makeup!
But, if you don’t wear makeup in your daily life, you will not have many chances to learn how to do it.
This time, we will be explaining how to apply natural makeup on for male cosplayers.

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Before applying makeup, make sure to trim facial hair and eyebrows and to moisturize your skin!

It is probably common knowledge to know that putting on makeup without skincare is a bad idea!! Especially men have facial hair and pores that stand out more easily, so they need to take extra care of them well.

Let’s get started with trimming facial hair and eyebrows!
Shave the beard completely and trim the length and thickness of the eyebrows by using a small scissor or an eyebrow shaver.
When you shave your eyebrows, instead of shaping them perfectly just like the character, shave your hair that is sticking up from the upper center and lower end of the eyebrows.
If you neglect to trim the eyebrows and beard, and if you have a thick beard especially, you would put more makeup on to cover them and end up looking pale. It will not get close to looking like the character, so be careful with it!

After trimming your eyebrows and shaving your beard, moisturize your skin with toner and lotion.
By doing this before putting makeup on, it will help your makeup stay on well which is the key to the better quality of your cosplay!
You can use any toner and lotion as long as it suits your skin.
If your skin often tends to be dry and irritated, choose products for dry or sensitive skin.
If you have oily skin, then then choose refreshing toners.

Taking care of your skin is also an important thing to remember as a cosplayer.

We don’t recommend you to get facial products like toners and lotions at 100 yen stores….
They are something you will directly apply on your skin, so you better get them at drug stores!

The most important part of makeup is the base makeup of your skin.

The most important part of makeup is not your eye makeup nor your eyebrows, it is actually the base makeup!

The stick foundation introduced in the article above has very good coverage, but it often ends up looking like a cake face.
What you have to care about is the same, but if you want a natural look, choose the one that has less coverage and can give a natural skin look.

This item is a BB cream (beauty balm).
It is a combination of sunscreen, makeup primer, and foundation which makes it a good deal.
If you want a well-finished look, you better use each item separately, but BB cream works good enough for a natural look!
This item is also from UNO, a cosmetic brand for men, which is known for hair wax. You can easily purchase their items at a drugstore.
Because it specializes in men’s cosmetic products, it is affordable and convenient.

First of all, create the base for your skin by applying BB cream.
If you have dark circles or other noticeable parts, use a concealer to hide them as you like.

If you gently pat face powder at the end, it will make your makeup stay well.
However, make sure not to apply it too much to avoid a cake face. The point is to gently apply iy.

This item is a transparent powder, so you will not end up looking a cake face even if you put too much.

Natural eyebrows and eye makeup will give you a more natural look.

After finishing the base makeup, what you will work on is eyebrows and eye makeup.
The basic idea is to add eyebrows and eye makeup that have faded from applying foundation.
The key is rather than drawing them darker, giving them colors naturally.

By using eyebrow pencil, fill the space between each hair rather than drawing them entirely. It is like painting!
If you fully draw the inner and outer corners of your eyebrows, it will make it too dark and will not look natural, so make sure to draw the center of your eyebrows mainly.
Instead of drawing lines, take it as if you were drawing each hair little by little.

After you are done drawing, blur them with an eyebrow brush like the item introduced below to make it look more natural.

Also, if you naturally have thin eyebrows, you can use an eyebrow mascara additionally to darken the entire area of your eyebrows.

Next, we will get into eye makeup.
You don’t need to use eyeshadows as you want to make them look natural.
Lightly draw the lines with a pencil eyeliner.

This is the thin eyebrow pencil that you twist in and out to use.
There are two types of eyeliners: Liquid and pencil. But, it is hard to draw with a brush, so we recommend you to use a thin pencil type for beginners.
Also, choose brownish color for a pencil eyeliner rather than black so that it will look more natural.

The tip of drawing eyeliner is to fill the space between each eyelash little by little.
It is the same as how you draw eyebrows.
Make sure to draw lines only on the creases of your eyes.

Use mascara and contour your face for more advanced makeup.

You can create natural makeup just by changing skincare, eyebrows, and eyelines, but you can try mascara and contouring for more advanced makeup!
You can use any kind of mascara.
There are mascaras that can be removed easily with hot water, and are waterproof which will not come off from sweat or tears. Try many different items and see which one works the best for you!
You better choose the volumizing mascara, which will make your natural eyelashes thicker and darker, rather than the lengthening mascara.
If you want to have longer eyelashes, then choose the lengthening mascara.
You can create a stronger impression of your eyes just by thickening your eyelashes without eyeliner.
If you want to have your makeup as natural as possible, you can apply on mascara without eyeliner.

Contouring has the effect of making shadows and sculpting the structure of your face.
They can be in the form of a brown powder or a paste concealer, but powder form will be easier to use!

By using your fingertip or a brush, apply brown powder to the bridge of your nose and under your eyebrows to accentuate the shadows!
Also, applying the highlighter on the center part of your nose bridge vertically will help accentuate your face even more.


The most important part of natural makeup for men is skincare!
Makeup methods we have introduced in this article are important as well, but taking care of your skin is very important.
We hope all of you who are beginners to makeup enjoy yourself and become more attractive!