【120 Colors the Most】Five Convenient Eye Palettes for Cosplay! You Can Be Any Character You Want!

When cosplaying, you are going to need a variety of colors for your makeup.
For daily makeup, it will not be a problem as long as you have trendy or your favorite colors. But, you will need many different colors depending on the character for cosplay.
It is even harder for cosplayers who cosplay both female and male characters.
When you are excitedly ready to put on makeup and shoot after receiving the costume and preparing the wig, you might find yourself thinking, I don’t have any eyeshadow that I had in my mind….
In that situation, an eye palette is something that you won’t regret having!
Even the colors you don’t usually use on a daily basis, they are often needed for cosplay.
So, if you have an eye palette, that will make you feel better.
In this article, we are going to introduce you to the five recommended eye palettes.

Affordable Price! Less than 1,000 yen for 32 colors

Tiara Girl Eye Color Palette 01 32 Colors
An eye color palette from Tiara Girl comes with 32 colors for less than 1,000 yen.
They all have bright colors, and although there are many different colors, each color and type has a commonality which blends in well with other colors and makes a good balance.
Also, this item is sold at Don Quixote, a discount chain store that has a good selection of makeup products surprisingly.
You can purchase it at the store iIf there is Don Quixote in your area, or even if there are no stores, you can purchase it on Amazon or other online shopping websites.
Don Quixote sells a series of eyeshadow palettes called Dolly Angel as well which is a collaborated item with Diamond Lash and is recommended.

Popular Eyeshadow Palette Founded in LA

NYX Professional Makeup UT Eyeshadow Palette 04 Bright Eyeshadow

A popular eyeshadow palette from NYX which was founded in LA.
UT eyeshadow palette has 6 patterns which include 16 colors each.
The palette introduced below is #04 and is the primary color type.
As you can see, the colors are very bright and hard to fall out, and you can use it as an accent color.
Some of these UT eyeshadow palettes have shimmery eyeshadows, but they are not too glittery and easy to apply.
They can be purchased at Amazon, @cosme, and LOHACO.

Also, there is an item called Modern Dreamer Shadow Palette which is mainly for professional cosplayers and contains 40 colors. On their official website, there is no page showing where you can purchase it in Japan, but you can purchase it on Rakuten.

Palette for photographing from Dolce, a brand well-known for color contact lenses

Dolce Cosmetic 22 colors Make Palette (Eyeshadow high brightness cosplay makeup)

Dolce Cosmetic from Dolce which is known for its color contact lenses.
It was developed with the aim of producing an item that active cosplayers would want. It is used not only for cosplaying, but also for stage.
It is a good deal as it is less than 2,000 yen for 22 colors.

About 1,000 yen for 120 colors! You will not suffer with this palette.

Some people purchase this product for Halloween because it is only about 1,000 yen for 120 colors!
The fact that the colors are so bright that it is even hard to blur makes them suitable for cosplay.
The only drawback is that the palette is big, and we can’t make it smaller and fit all 120 colors.

Easily Obtainable Eyeshadow Palette from L`Oreal Paris


If you prefer purchasing the product at the store instead of online shopping, what we recommend is the eyeshadow palettes from L`Oreal Paris.
MEGA PALETTE has the nude CHERRY MY CHERI and the purple BERRY MUCH LOVE, with 16 colors each.
To explain how bright the colors are, even with the lighter colors, it will be heavy makeup if you apply more than a single coat.
Also, compared to similar products from other brands, they tend to stay longer even if you don't use good primers.


Even though it is not really the one that you can use to cosplay whatever characters you want, their palettes are still popular among cosplayers.

The reason why it is popular is because they have a selection of colors that matches the cute theme of the palette such as “Wine Party,” “Peach Farm,” and “Juice Bar.” Also, their cute packaging makes you want to carry it around with you.
They have actual stores, so if you can find the one in your area, you can go check it and purchase.

The collaboration products with HERSHEY’S and KitKat have cute packaging, and what’s inside will not disappoint you as well!
It makes sense why it is popular because it would excite you to use it.


We have introduced you to the useful eyeshadow palettes today.
Some of them come with unique colors, and the others have a variety of regular colors.
If you know the characters and animes you want to cosplay to a certain extent, you can choose the palette with a variety of regular colors. On the other hand, if you cosplay both female and male characters, and if you enjoy cosplaying different types of characters, choose the one that comes with many colors.
Find the best eyeshadow palette that is useful for you and enjoy cosplay life!