Let’s be a Jujutsu Sorcerer! Cosplay Makeup and Colored Contact Lenses Tutorials: Itadori, Fushiguro, Kugisaki, and Gojo from “Jujutsu Kaisen”

Hi there! This is Asuka Tsuzuki, a cosplayer and a makeup artist.
As a professional makeup artist, I mainly apply cosplay makeup on and give lectures about makeup to cosplayers.

Jujutsu Kaisen,” the anime of which the second season has started recently.
The original manga series has made a great hit now, and its popularity has been being boosted rapidly.
The title has been popular even on social networking services, such as on Twitter and TicTok!

Now we have good news for those who want to become the main characters!!
This time, the professional makeup artist will be lecturing tutorials about these characters’ eye makeup!

For cosplayers who are planning to cosplay Yuji Itadori, Megumi Fushiguro,Nobara Kugisaki, and Satoru Gojo, this is worth seeing!

The Main 4 Characters Makeup from “Jujutsu Kaisen”

completery finished makeup four main characters on eyes

This time, I am going to apply make up on my right eye, while I’m leaving the left one with nothing.
As a premise, let me show you my eye’s characteristics with no makeup:

  • Tremendously thick single eyelid
  • Eyeliners would be hidden behind the eyelid, even if it is worn thickly
  • Eyebrows are all shaved off
  • Narrow eyes with a sharp impression

I will apply makeup covering those characteristics.
It would be a great reference, especially for those who have thick single eyelid or hidden double eyelids.
Of course, so it would for those with normal double eyelids as well!

Yuji Itadori, with characteristics of a Curse Ryomen Sukuna

Jyujyutsu kaisen comics1

The protagonist with straight eyes embracing his strong will.
His eyes are big and also “sanpaku gan” (eyes in which the white spaces of the right, left on and below the iris are broadly revealed).

eye makeup for yuji from asuka

Putting in Colored Contact Lenses

This time, I use Lucis Hazel” produced by Asssist Wig’s Mine Color.
This one has no edge on the cornea part, which would not make the iris look too big and therefore color your eyes naturally.
I picked this one since “Sanpaku gan” version of colored contact lenses tends to make your eyes look scary.

Applying Eye Tapes

I picked “Prud’or Natural” this time, and I would highly recommend this for those who worries:

  • That it is difficult of making own eyelid double ones...
  • Eyeliners always get hidden behind the eyelid!
  • About having narrow eyes is my complex…

This is the best one that I’ve ever tried for making double eyelids naturally and for making eyeliners visible.

Applying a liquid Eyeliner

Apply a black liquid eyeliner.
Since the character Itadori has vertically big eyes, draw a line as if you enlarge the upper pupil particularly.
If you worry about that the it would be hidden behind the eyelid, you can fill in the eye tapes too in order to make the it visible.

eye makeup for yuji from asuka-2

Extend the line to the outer corner about 5mm long in parallel.
By drawing an inner corner eyeliner on the tear-duct, you can make a heroic eye.

Next, draw another line on your lower lash-line with a brown liquid eyeliner.
Start with contrasts below the lower pupil and connect with the upper eyeliner.
It would be better to draw one extensively from your lower eyelid if your eyes look small.

Lastly, draw one of his characteristics, Sukuna’s eye, with the black liquid eyeliner.
It is ideal to draw one at one shot with contrast. Try with your best!

Applying Eyeshadows

eye makeup for yuji from asuka-3

First, take a dark brown eyeshadow pigment with a fine blush or an eyeshadow tip, then draw a line to make Yuji’s double eyelids with it.
In case of Yuji, it is ideal to apply it 1cm long, only on the inner corner of your eye, just like the one on the picture.
Then, trace the upper and lower eyeliner, using the same dark brown.
Trace and blur them, using the fine point of an eyeshadow tip.

Next, using a lighter brown pigment, put shades between the upper eyeliner and the double eyelid’s line.
Dab it from the inner corner to the center of your eye, then from the outer corner to the center as well.
On the center of the middle lid, apply a beige or white pigment as highlighter.
This can make a three-dimensional effect on your eye.

Lastly, make shades of a tear bag using the lightest brown pigment.
Put it as highlighter on the tear bag.

Drawing Eyebrows

The positions of Yuji’s eyebrows are set higher than where you may guess it is.
In my case, I drew ones on my own positions, but if yours are lower, conceal your eyebrows first, then draw ones on the upper position.
This time, I applied brownish eyeshadows.
The texture of the eyeshadow’s powder creates your eyebrows more naturally than the one of an eyebrow pencil.

Megumi Fushiguro, the User of Tokusa-No-Kageboujutsu

Jyujyutsu kaisen comics2

He is a character with long-slitted and sharp eyes.
Nevertheless, his aura would never be disappeared.
His eyebrows look cool as well.

eye makeup for Megumi from asuka-1

Putting in Colored Contact Lenses

This time, I used the “Blue Hammer,” from Assist Chou Chou’s Shutella 1day.
The deep blue is matched with the color of Fushiguro’s eyes.
It is also good that the lenses also do not make your eyes look too big and that the edge of the color is not too accentuated.

Applying “Mezaik” (a sticky string for making double eyelids)

In order to make sharp eyes, I used Mezaik but not eye tapes this time.
The one I love to use is “Free Fiver.”

It has a balanced strength, which would make it easier to be attached with the eyelid.
For those who have single or hidden double eyelids, it is much difficult to create wide double eyelids.
Therefore, I use Mezaik just for making the eyeliner visible.
It is good to know not to be too greedy to create the lids too widely.
It may not be that easy to apply it at one shot, so you may need some skills.
Please have a few practices for applying it better!

Applying Tapes

Use tapes to create sharper eye look.
Attach tapes on your temple and drag it to your head as you lift your eyes.
It is okay to drag it to the point where you think it may be too tight.

Putting “the Slit Eye” (Eye Adjustment Tapes)

eye makeup for Megumi from asuka-2

A product I have recently started to use, produced by Assist Wig.
By putting it on the inner corner of both of your eyes, it would make your eyes more sharpened.
The tape may be visible if you take a look closer on the picture, however, it would totally not be visible by using photo editing apps!
This is the one I recommend trying to those who have a complex of their broader lengths between the inner corners.

Applying Eyeliners

eye makeup for Megumi from asuka-3

Applying Eyeliner on the edge of your eyelid and on the upper lash line.
Apply it in parallel to your eyelid as much as you can and extend the line to the outer corner in about 5mm.
Try to make the eyeliner visible this time as well.
Draw an inner corner eyeliner on the tear-duct a little bit using the tip of the eyeliner.

Using a brown eyeliner, draw an angular line at the part of the outer corner of the lower eyelid.
You do not have to worry about the position of your actual lower eyelid.
Try to make a narrow square!

When you take a closer look at the picture, you see a strange line at the lower eyelid, so draw it under the lower eyelid.

Making Double Cut Crease

Apply eyeliner in parallel to the upper eyelid using a brown one.
It is ideal to draw it finely with the tip of the eyeliner at one shot.

Applying Eyeshadow

Using a dark brown pigment, trace the upper eyeliner and the double cut crease to make them look blurred.
After that, "to make a 3D effect on the eye with a lighter brown color, make a gradation at the tear duct and the outer corner, then highlight the highest position of the eye and the tear bag.
Make a shade of the tear bag using the lightest brown, and it would look natural.

Drawing an Eyebrows

eye makeup for Megumi from asuka-4

Megumi Fushigurohas sharp and slanted eyes, so in my case, I shaved my entire eyebrows off and will start drawing an eyebrows disregarding the original position.
Mark the new position of an inner corner and place a black eyeshadow pigment on it, and then mark the peak and the tail.
Considering the roundness of his facial frame, draw an eyebrow connecting those three positions in as straight line as possible.
In Fushiguro’s case, mark the position of the peak much more outwardly! Try to make an eyebrows as sharp as possible.

Please also refer to the article below for an easy step to shave eyebrows off.

Nobara Kugisaki, a Grade 3 Jujutsu Sorcerer and the Only Female Character

eye makeup for Nobara from asuka

The only female character in the first year member!
She has pretty facial features, including droopy eyes and slanted eyebrow, which are unique and heroic.

eye makeup for Nobara from asuka-1

Putting in Colored Contact Lenses

I use the “Custard Pudding,” from Assist Chou Chou’s Pupilla 1 Day.
This suits well for cosplaying female characters, especially for the coloring that is similar to the characters’ and for the big black iris.

Applying Eye Tapes

As I did when cosplaying Yuji Idatodi’s makeup, I usePrud’or Natural this time again.
I would recommend this for making your eyes look bigger vertically.
Please apply it on the edge of your eyelids as best you can.

Applying Tapes

When you apply tapes, lift your forehead as you make your eyes opened more, in order to make round and big eyes.

Applying Eyeliner

eye makeup for Nobara from asuka-2

Fill out the gap of your upper lash line using a black eyeliner.
start from the edge of your eyelids on the inner corner, and sweep it lower to the outer corner.
It is okay to draw it too long, which will be covered by fake eyelashes that I will apply later.
Draw inner corner eyeliner just a little bit at the tear duct.
It would look scary if you put it too sharp, so put it really just a little bit!

Draw another line on the lower lash line using a brown eyeliner.
Because Kugisaki has droopy eyes, please disregard your own eyelids this time and sweep the eyeliner lower and longer to the outer corner.

Making Double Cut Crease

Using the tip of a brown liquid eyeliner, draw a line to make double cut crease.
Because she has droopy eyes, make the crease hanged down as well so that the eye looks drooped.

Applying Eyeshadows

Trace and blur the double cut crease and the eyeliner using a dark brown pigment.
Apply a light brown color on the inner corner side as well as the outer corner side of the upper eyelid, and highlight the tear bag.

Drawing the Eyebrows

eye makeup for Nobara from asuka-3

Let’s make her eyebrows a little bit heroic one, even though it is a female character.
Start drawing the head from a position which is a little bit lower.
Then draw the rest smoothly in a mountain shape.
Draw it with a powder typed eyebrow pencil so that it would look the most natural one.

Curling the Eyelashes

Using an eyelash curler, gently curl your eyelashes.
Try to lift them up slightly to the above from the bottom.

Applying Fake Eyelashes

This time, I use the one sold at 100yen shops.
Ones with volumes at the outer corner would fit well to choose for Nobara.

Firmly put and dry designated glue on the root of the fake eyelashes first, then apply the part for the inner corner exactly on your own lashes, and do the other part on the outer corner on the upper eyeliner.

By holding the fake lashes and you own ones together using the curler, there would be a sense of unity.

In the article below, I will introduce [The Tips for Choosing Fake Eyelashes] sold in “Daiso.”

Applying Mascara

Apply mascara sufficiently on the lower eyelashes and do the same on the upper ones from the bottom to the above, trying to attach the fake ones on your own ones.

Satoru Gojo, the Strongest Jujutsu Sorcerer

eye makeup for Satoru from asuka

A handsome lady-killer whom he made all the audiences fallen to.
He is not just a lady-killer but has impressive characteristics, such as the blue eyes with unique brilliance and the white eyelashes.

eye makeup for Nobara from asuka-1

Making Fake Eyelashes

The white eyelashes as one of this character’s characteristics.
First, make fake eyelashes at the beginning.

Here are the fake eyelashes I use this time.

natural eyelashes at Daiso

It is natural and straight sized one. The volume is natural, so it suits well for crossdressing as a male.

Apply mascara on this fake lashes.
Here is the one I use this time: the white mascara from LA Splash.
This is meant for stage acting, so it sticks firmly on lash lines, and the coloring is also outstanding.

Apply the mascara on the fake eyelashes for coloring them into white.
Do so from the vein to the tips and dry them for a while after coloring them.

LA Splash(エルエースプラッシュ)

Applying Colored Contact Lenses

I use “Ramune” from Qualite One Day.
I have been told “Once you use colored contact lenses from Qualite, you can’t be happy with colorings of other lenses anymore!” and this one is perfectly what it is!
The coloring is enormously in an inhuman level!
Satoru Gojo’s eyes are called “Rikugan,” unique ones as they are mentioned in the story.
These lenses can be what it is meant for replicating his eyes.

Applying “Mezaik”

Satoru Gojo is a 28 years old’s adult character.
By using eye tapes, it would make eyes too big, so I use Mezaik instead this time.

Applying Tapes

Since the character has sort of slanted eyes, by checking the balance of eyes, apply tapes from your temple to your head to make your eyes look slanted.

Applying Eyeliners

eye makeup for Nobara from asuka-2

Apply a brown eyeliner.
Usually, I use a black eyeliner. In case of Satoru Gojo, however, his eyelashes and his skin tone are overall white. Therefore, a black eyeliner would look too vivid.
By using a brown one, it is able to make it more natural.

Apply the eyeliner as filling out the gap of your eyelashes.
After that, draw a line on the edge of your eyes as tracing it and stroking it to the above at the outer corner. Use the tip of the eyeliner for making a contrast!
Draw an inner corner line at the tear duct for making a sharp eye.

Regarding the lower eyeliner, draw it only beneath the pupil.
This makes the pupil more impressive, and the eye looks more powerful.

Making Double Cut Crease

With a brown eyeliner, draw the line of double cut crease in parallel to the eyeliners.

Applying Eyeshadows

Using a dark brown eyeshadow pigment, make both the upper and the lower eyeliner blurred and trace the double cut crease line.
Put shades on the inner and the outer corner as well as on the tear bag using a lighter brown pigment.
Using a white pigment as a highlighter, put it on the center of the eye as drawing a circle, as well as on the tear bag.

Drawing Eyebrows

Take a grey pigment from the palette using an eyeshadow’s tip or a brush’s one first, and mark the position of an inner corner, then the peak, and the tail.
Place the position of the peak outwardly in a straight line as much as possible.

Once you mark the positions roughly, rim the shape.

After rimming it, fill in the eyebrow’s hair one by one, using a white eyeliner.
I would recommend the one from UZU.

It is so useful for its coloring and the softness of the brush.
By the way, I thought “The time has now reached what cosplayers had been being demanded!” when this was released at the beginning.

Applying Mascara

Apply the white mascara I introduced earlier on the lower eyelashes first and the upper eyelashes next.
It would stand out too vividly if there is any part unapplied, so try to apply it on the whole lashes thoroughly.

Applying the Fake Eyelashes

Apply the fake eyelashes that you have made earlier on the right above your own lashes.
Check it on the mirror several times for making sure if there is nothing wrong.
Also, if there is itchiness or pain by using the mascara, please take it off.


I have offered the know-hows all at once this time, which would be also useful for cosplaying other characters as well.
In Jujutsu Kaisen, there would be more and more fascinating characters in both anime and the original manga later!
Please refer to this article and replicate the bravery of jujutsu sorcerers!